Frequently Asked

How long would my project take to complete?

 The process of completing your project could take up to 3-5 days. I usually reach out to you at certain check points in your project. The time also depends on the project being done. Some projects take longer than others but I will definitely keep in touch with you throughout the project. So don’t worry.

What should I have ready when contacting you? How should I contact you?

When contacting me you should have some sense of some expectations for your project. Ideas we are able to build on to create your ideal graphics. You should also have your deposit of $15 available when consulting me, the deposit is separate from the total price NOT INCLUDED. You can contact me through my instagram @maleahlintondesigner and on the websites contatct me form.

How do I pay you? How long do I have to pay full price?
You can pay using Paypal or Cashapp. I only accept checks over $25. I will give you a grace period of three days to pay. I will hold all projects until the amount is paid in full.
Do you ship materials? How much is shipping?

Yes, I ship printed materials. The shipping cost will be covered by you and added to your final total.

How to schedule a meeting with you?

The best way to schedule a meeting is contacting me on the websites contact me form or DMing my Instagram page @maleahlintondesigner.

I handle the CREATIVE ASPECT, So you can focus on the things that matter

Let’s Chat

Here, reach out to me let’s chat! In full detail explain what service you are interested in the message box. I will get back to you as soon as possible.



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